All Odyssey trips and workshops can be adapted just for you.  Whether you're solo or want to experience the outdoors with a close friend or group, we can make it happen.  

Private Groups or 1-on-1 coaching

Newly single or empty-nesters - Carpe Diem!  Now that you have a little extra time, why not redefine yourself as an outdoor adventurer ?  We can show you how either through one of our trips or through one-on-one adventure coaching.

Moms and adult daughters – What a wonderful world the outdoors can be, especially for those who want to create special memories for you and your family.

Introverts – If you dread the idea of having to make conversation for hours with other people, we can create an outdoor adventure that allows you to quietly participate without expectations of chatter.

Girlfriends – Want to create a memorable bachelorette party for your friend?  Consider building in some time on the trail with Odyssey.

Businesses and Women's Groups – It’s true! Women belong on top!  Consider one of our outdoor adventures as a relationship-building escape with your female colleagues, other women in your mom's group, your fitness class, or your rotary club.  

Retirees - Yes You Can!   Outdoor adventure is a fun inexpensive hobby to do on your own or with other retirees. 

One-on-One Adventure Coaching

If you prefer to have one-on-one coaching, we can introduce you to outdoor activities in a safe, fun way that leaves you wanting more ! 


If you would like to make a private group booking, or 1-on-1 coaching, please send us an email: 




We'll answer your questions and make a plan to give you the experience or the individual coaching you are looking for. 

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