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Our Approach at Odyssey


We are a "boutique" outdoor activity company which means our services are offered only through private bookings.  That way, we are able to tailor the service specifically for you or your group.  


 Our services are for women of all ages and we specialize in working with women over 50 who are quite new to the outdoors. 

We focus on empowering you to have the knowledge and confidence to try outdoor activities that are new to you.   Our services prepare you for hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and adventure travel.  

 At Odyssey, we are all about first steps; we get you started on your outdoor adventure path, whether that's at home in Canada or abroad, by introducing you to the outdoors in a safe, comfortable, women-only environment.


Founder and Principal Guide

Kelly Sloan has been leading groups and teaching mountain

activities for 20 years as a member of an Alberta Mountain Club. 

She is certified as a Professional Interpretive Guide, certified in

advanced wilderness first aid, and has several other safety,  

rescue, adventure, and interpretive courses.   

Her outdoor experience spans many different adventure activities

including backpacking, rock climbing and mountaineering, winter

ski touring and ski mountaineering, blue water sailing, scuba

diving, mountain biking, cycle touring, paddling, and horseback


Kelly Sloan's outdoor and adventure travel has taken her to many places around the world including the Cordillera Blanca Range in Peru, the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Highlands, North-west England Cumbrian Mountains, the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia in North Wales, the British Virgin Islands, Hawaiian Islands, East Greenland coastal mountains, Joshua Tree, Alaska, the Yukon, Canadian Rockies in Alberta and B.C., the Long Range Mountains of Newfoundland’s Gros Morne, and numerous Canadian west coast islands.  

Adventure is in Kelly's DNA and she founded Odyssey in order to introduce other women to outdoor adventure.  Before starting Odyssey, Kelly worked as a CEO for twenty years including ten years with a feminist women’s organization.  She specializes in women’s empowerment and watching nature newcomers find joy and peace by having fun in the outdoors. 

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