About Odyssey Adventures for Women

Meet Odyssey's


Kelly Sloan has been leading groups in mountain activities for 20 years as a member of an Alberta Mountain Club.  She has training in several outdoor activities, advanced wilderness first aid training, and several other safety and rescue courses for the back-country.


Before starting Odyssey, Kelly worked as a CEO including ten years with a feminist women’s organization.  She specializes in women’s empowerment and watching nature newcomers find joy and peace in the outdoors. 

Our Approach at Odyssey 

Odyssey is not a tourism company, even though our clients learn something about mountain history and nature during our hikes. At its core, Odyssey supports women in re-discovering themselves and we do that by taking women into the outdoors. 


At Odyssey, we don’t just expect you to show up ready for an adventure. We know that many women would like more adventure in their lives but are not sure how to get started. That is why we take a hands-on approach in teaching outdoor basics such as proper footwear and clothing, how to choose functional equipment (like backpacks), how to pack for hiking, and so on.  We even provide guidance on fitness preparation, and we walk at a slow pace so no one gets left behind! 


Women of all fitness levels, and all shapes and sizes, are welcome in our activities.  Our clients feel supported and encouraged right from the beginning. You are also guaranteed to have a ton of fun while bringing adventure into your life!

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