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Day Hikes - Edmonton

Benefit from the beautiful forests and water landscapes right in your own backyard.

The power of nature is a well-known antidote for improving mental health, recharging our batteries, and giving us perspective.  On these interpretive hikes, you'll also learn about  the area you're walking through (history, geology, etc)

Edmonton nature sanctuaries and river valley are a  straight forward way to get introduced to outdoor hiking in a safe, fun learning environment.    


Day Hikes
Rocky Mountains 

There is no Someday.  
If you have done some simple hiking around Edmonton and would like to take your sense of adventure to simple hikes in the Rocky Mountains, consider making a private booking with us.

We offer mountain day hikes by private booking of one person up to groups of 4.    You arrange your accommodation and transportation to the mountains and we'll organize hikes that are appropriate to your skill and experience level. 



Snowshoe Day trips

Snowshoeing is rapidly gaining popularity because it can get you off the beaten path and deeper into nature. 

Tips in use of snowshoes is provided throughout our time together in a supportive environment. 

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