Learn the key elements to be knowledgeable and confident hiking in the outdoors. You’ll learn about how to plan for a day hike in the Edmonton area or the mountains.

Several key subjects are covered including animal safety including bears and coyotes, equipment to pack, types of packs, and clothing. This one-day Adventure School also includes going for short walks in the Edmonton River Valley as part of the learning experience.

All of this is done in the company of other women including the guide.

Each Adventure School runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and takes place outdoors in a local Edmonton park with access to public washrooms.

Price: $90/person


  • Saturday, June 5, (For Over 50-year-olds)

  • Sunday, June 6  (All ages)

  • Saturday, June 19   (All Ages)

  • Sunday, June 27  (For Over 50-year-olds)

  • Tuesday, July 6  (For Over 50-year-olds)

  • Wednesday, (July 7  All Ages)