These introductory workshops take place in Edmonton and will cover all the basics you need to know for the activity you are choosing. 

Bring your questions and enthusiasm !

Cross Country Skiing    2 hour lesson 

Topics covered include:

  • How to safely put your skiis on

  • How to slow down and how to stand up when you fall

  • Body position, balance, and weight distribution 

  • Pole usage

  • Classical stride 

After you register, 
we arrange a date
and time that works
for you
Price: $89/person

 Wilderness Safety      2 hour workshop

Topics covered include:

  • Selecting terrain for your skill level

  • Animal safety including bear safety

  • Sources of weather information 

  • Tips and tricks for the back country

After your group
signs up, we'll be  
be in touch to
confirm a date 
that works for you.
Price: $89/person

Hiking or Backpacking

2 or 4 hour workshop

Topics covered include:

  • Packs and sleeping gear

  • Bear Safety

  • Clothing

  • Equipment to take 

  • Trip planning

After your group
submits the signup
form, we'll be in 
touch to confirm a
date that works for 
for 2 hour workshop
$159/person for 
4 hour workshop
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