Are you ready to get started? Attend our workshops to learn more, meet your guide, and get acquainted with fellow adventurers!


These non-judgmental, accessible workshops will cover everything you need to know about what to pack and wear on your trip, how to start planning, safety, and what to expect from your trip, your guide, and your fellow adventurers. 

Bring your questions, enthusiasm, and an open mind! 

Workshop 1:

Taking the First Step

Topics covered include:

  • Determine what type of adventure you want

  • Reflective and planning exercises so that each individual can determine what type of outdoor adventure activity they want to pursue

  • Key factors to consider in planning your adventure

  • Start creating your adventure plan

Flexible Dates
Price: $69/person

Workshop 2:

Clothing and Equipment

Topics covered include:

  • What type of clothing keeps you warm and dry

  • The difference between different types of footwear

  • Tips and tricks for the back-country and wilderness settings

Flexible Dates
Price: $69/person

Workshop 3: Bear Safety

Topics covered include:

  • Bear behavior

  • Options for deterrents to carry with you

Flexible Dates
Price: $69/person
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