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Workshops for summer day hiking and backpacking are delivered outdoors in Edmonton in May and June.   

You will learn the core information  to go on a day hike or a backpack. 

All Odyssey activities are delivered via private bookings.   If 
you'd like to book a  workshop for your group, go to the private bookings page for more information.   You can also book a private lesson through that page.

Day Hiking Workshop 

Price: $40/person

2 hour workshop


Topics covered include:

  • Different Pack Options

  • Bear Safety 

  • Clothing
  • Equipment to take with you

 Wilderness Safety      

Price: $40/person

2 hour worshop


Topics covered include:

  • Selecting terrain for your skill level

  • Animal safety including bear safety

  • Sources of weather information 

  • Safety Preparation


Price: $60/person

3 hour workshop


Topics covered include:

  • Different Packs

  • Bear Safety

  • Clothing

  • Equipment to take

Skills Instruction:
Nordic Skiing  + Snow shoeing  

See you next winter ! 


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