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Testimonials we have received: 

"Fun and informative with great tips from Kelly, not just for the Canadian Outdoors but for the Namibian Desert too!  It was hilarious and informative to bear-spray at an illusion in a safe environment, not a real bear in the wilds." -NG


Take this course (Editor's Note: Hiking 101 Adventure School June 2021)!  You will thank yourself.  This course affords all the info you need to be on your way to hiking confidently and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.  Kelly is a wealth of knowledge.  She is a great example of women power and adventurous attitude !


I was so impressed with all the information, along with tips and tricks for safe and happy hiking !  Spend some time with Odyssey Adventures and Kelly - you won't regret it !  -N.S.

"The Guide Kelly is very knowledgeable and personable about hiking and I'm very excited to get started using all her expertise."  -Anonymous

"So Much Fun! So informative!  I will definitely go day hiking soon."   -H.M. 

"Kelly is a great instructor.  Great information presented in a warm and positive manner.  Looking forward to checking out more of her workshops."  -B.J.

"Very welcoming and inclusive." -H.N.

"Kelly makes me feel like I can climb any mountain.  Accessible, useful info, I learned a lot."  -K.O. 

"Kelly really helped me connect to nature and the history of the land.  Wonderful experience."  -R.S.

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